Bridges and Viaducts

The company builds and reconstructs bridges, viaducts and overpasses. In more than 60 years of operations the company has built over 100 bridges and viaducts. In 2010, during reconstruction of the Jakai roundabout, the company built the longest – 610-meter long – overpass in Lithuania. The second longest overpass in the country – 380 metres – was built by the company in 2008.


Savanoriu estakada3

Reconstruction of the Overpass Located at Savanorių Ave. in Kaunas

Start date: 2014 April End date: 2015 April Value: 2,6 million euros
The current Savanoriu Ave. overpass located at the edge of the slope will be demolished and will be build a monolithic supporting wall from bored poles of 60 cm in diameter and 12 and 13 m long. The slope will be strengthened with 12 m long ground anchors and reinforced-concrete slabs in 0.4 km reconstructed section. New street foundations, the layer of asphalt, pavements, sewage network, drainage systems and lighting network will be installed.
panemune M3

Reconstruction of the Bridge over the River Nemunas in Kaunas

Start date: 2012 Januray End date: 2014 June Value: 24,6 million euros without VAT
The bridge in Panemunė will be rebuilt and the current span structure will be replaced by a new steel and concrete span structure on reconstructed supports. The new Panemunė bridge will have 4 lanes and be 20.8 m wide and 273 m long, with the longest span reaching 74.44 m. The steel structures of the beam will be welded on site. Afterwards it will be set up on the river bank and hydraulically hoisted on to the reconstructed supports of the bridge.
Jakai II2

Reconstruction of the Jakai Roundabout in Klaipėda, stage II

Start date: 2010 December End date: 2012 November Value: 14,1 million euros without VAT
During the second stage of reconstruction of the Jakai roundabout a 317-metre long overpass in the Kaunas-Palanga direction and a 552 metre-long overpass in the Palanga-Kaunas direction was built. Both overpasses has two traffic lanes in both directions. Their total length - 869 metres. »
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