“Kauno tiltai” will reconstruct an intensive traffic viaduct in Riga

2019-03-08 „Kauno tiltai“ continues to expand its operations in foreign markets: last week the company signed a contract for the reconstruction of the viaduct in Riga. The total value of one year's work is 8.9 million EUR.

Reconstruction works of the 60-year-old building will include the repair of structures, reconstruction of the overpass, tram tracks and contact networks, lighting. The pavement of the viaduct will also be upgraded, and the handrails replaced, and the bridge will be better suited for pedestrians and cyclists. The length of the viaduct, assembled in 1959 from prefabricated reinforced concrete structures, is 116 m.

Latvian market is very familiar to “Kauno tiltai” - it is already the 17th project of Lithuanians in this country.